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https://t.co/udJYfdJR12 #XDA #TodayWeather actually a pretty slick weather app!
Today, 16:49
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My new sounds: Akadz - Mutation https://t.co/USBXnLDVSm on #SoundCloud
Sep 03 2017 22:38
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Lord Walkman

And the last...drama korea kamu nggak bakal bisa ngalahin lovestory nya Daredevil sama Elektra 😋
Sep 02 2017 20:09
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Lord Walkman

Ngrumangsani saja, saya minta maaf yg se ikhlas2nya 🙏
Sep 01 2017 22:06
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Lord Walkman

RT @RMadridBabe: Oh my god, This is so hilarious. 😂😂😂 https://t.co/AEBWyD09ga
Aug 30 2017 21:38
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[url=http://www.jbereg.ru]Детский отдых в Крыму[/url]
Aug 16 2017 21:47
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Jun 15 2017 02:00
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May 30 2017 10:38
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RT @giveaway_gg: AK-47 | Neon Revolution (FT) Giveaway To ENTER: ➡️Giveaway Link: https://t.co/wzuMRgmelI #giveaway #freeskins #csgo #cs
May 12 2017 21:11
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RT @CaitrionaH88: My mum on @TracyBorman's talk on #TudorPrivateLives @StratLitFest 'really hilarious, she's such a great speaker, I'll len…
May 06 2017 18:00
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RT @JessicaJones: #TacoTuesday is nice. But Takedown Tuesday is better. https://t.co/rkEN3b8H81
May 03 2017 12:19
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RT @SamsungPolska: Nowy #GalaxyS8 wprowadzi Cię w zachwyt. Zamów go już dziś! https://t.co/10PJNve6Ev
May 02 2017 22:29
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RT @SpaderIsland: -NEW PHOTO- James Spader in a promotional picture for episode 4x20 of #TheBlacklist. 📷 https://t.co/EnsitRdfSu
Apr 29 2017 15:19