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Posted 30 December 2013 - 10:51

Sony Ericsson World Forum Rules

1. Registration on www.sonyericsson-world.com means total acceptance of the Forum Rules.
a) During registration process, the User has a possibility to deselect the option for receiving e-mails from the Administration. If you leave this option selected, you will agree to receive e-mails from the Administration (including advertising content). This setting can be changed in the Settings Panel after logging in.

2. Only registered Users can write posts - one User may have only one account. Remember, choose your nickname wisely - there's no possibility of its subsequent changes. Posted messages, attachments and the information which they content become the property of the Forum's owner.  All accounts with swearwords in the nickname will be banned.

3. Pay attention to:
a) placing a new topic in the right section, defining the subject of a topic in a way determining its content, not writing everything in the subject but in the content. When adding files to the post, avoid linking to other sites. Upload files to our Download section or attach them to the post.
b) posting in accordance with the principles of the Polish/English/Russian language and the Netiquette - excessive amount of spelling errors and emoticons will result in deleting the post.
c) not posting like "I also want to know that" - don't write anything, wait.
d) not posting like "Google that, the answer is already there" - link to the solution.
e) not posting with capitals and bold letters when it's unnecessary - it will result in deleting the post.
f) not writing "HELP", "PROBLEM!!!", "PLEASE!!!" in the subject / description; otherwise it will result in deleting the topic.
Repetitive failure to comply with the points above will result in receiving a warning.

4. A warning applies to Users that have more than 20 posts written. Users that have less than 20 posts written may receive "verbal warnings", and as a result of continued failure to comply with the Rules they will receive official warnings.
You can obtain a warning from:
a) using offensive words and swearing.
b) posting content which is pornographic; calling for violence, racism or breaking the law or in any way offensive to other Users.
c) insulting other members, particularly members of the Editorial.
da) adding links in threads / posts to other GSM forums is strictly prohibited. The only exception are links to XDA-developers forum and Sony websites.
db) adding links to files hosted in external servers is strictly prohibited. If you want to share any file, add it to our forum download. If there is no proper category, please contact administrator and ask him to create it for you.
e) placing images which are pornographic; calling for violence, racism or breaking the law or in any way offensive to other users - in a signature, profile photo, avatar or user profile. You can place any link there provided that on the site which it leads to, there will be a banner or link promoting sonyericsson-world.com. Before placing such a link, it must be verified by the Administrator or the Moderator.
f) admonishing users - if you see somebody breaking the Rules, please notify the moderation using "Report" button.
g) deleting the Moderator's comment from the post, except for the "Exchange" section after fulfilling the Moderator's request.
h) posting like "send me an e-mail: mail@example.com", "text me via MSN / other IM so I'll help you" or posts causing so called "wishes concert". Such posts will be deleted.
i) duplicating questions which have already been answered (use Forum search engine first).
j) excavating old topics (after 2 months and more) which have been answered, except for writing posts containing informations valuable for other Users.
k) posting the same message in different topics and sections (does not apply to articles and reviews).
l) posting messages not bringing anything new to the topic (deliberate increasing post counter) and messages like "thanks, I will check it tomorrow". It is allowed to confirm the solution of the problem ("that worked like a charm, thanks"), which, however, means the end of the topic.
m) posting or linking to illegal software or plagiarism in any form - we don't support such a behavior and we will fight it using all resources available to us.
n) using font sizes bigger than "14" and placing more than 5 lines of text (including empty lines), images above 500x100 px or any movies in a signature - User must choose whether to have text or graphics, since it's allowed to have only one type of signature.
o) advertising any services related to phones - the prohibition applies to ads in posts, signatures, user profiles, shoutbox, chat, personal data, statuses and any other areas not listed above and located on the Forum. Prohibition does not apply to the Forum's Editorial.

5. In the Download section it is prohibited from:
a) placing any illegal or erotic content - a failure to comply with these rules will result in blocking the account for 3 months.
Uploaded files become the property of the Forum.

6. Other:
a) The user has the right to publish his/her own e-mail address in the post - you do it at your own risk and must reckon with the consequences of a spam attack, etc.
b) warnings can be erased after at least 1 month (one warning at a time), from the date of the last one - however, they're not being reduced automatically - to decrease level of warnings you have to notify someone from the Sony Ericsson World Team, for example by PM. The Sony Ericsson World Team reserves the right to delay such decisions when there is no noticeable improvement in behavior and balancing on the edge of the next warning.
c) changes in the Forum Rules can apply at any time and are valid from the time of their publication.
d) any posts that don't comply with the Rules will be moved to Trash or deleted instantly.
e) users must not use red color - it's reserved for the Sony Ericsson World Team.
f) users must get private things done by PM.

Privacy Policy:
a) All personal data is processed in www.sonyericsson-world.com in accordance with the provisions of the Act dated 1997-08-29 about the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 101, item. 926. w/changes)
b) Personal data is collected, stored and used by www.sonyericsson-world.com with the consent of their owners, according to the law and due process, and in a way that ensures their safety. Administrators can use personal information only to ensure proper service users.
c) Users have the right to review, modify and delete their personal data.
d) Deleting your account only takes place as follows:
- the account name will be changed (to the number),
- the account will be "cleared" of all personal data,
- the user is banned.
Deleting data from the forum and ban is final - you can not revoke the decision.

www.sonyericsson-world.com publisher is not responsible for any content posted by users, but will make every effort to ensure that content on the site server were consistent with the applicable law.

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