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Pobierz Remix OS for PC 64bit 2016063001

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Remix OS for PC 64bit

UEFI Boot & Legacy BIOS compatible

Co nowego w tej wersji? 2016063001 (Zobacz pełną listę zmian)

  • Features:
  • Added keyboard mapping to certain games allowing users to play games with keyboards. (e.g. Vain Glory)
  • Added more app options to Remix Central.
  • Now supports mirrored output from DP, HDMI & VGA.
  • Improved the System bootup time and fix some cases on ANR.
  • Updated the Remix OS default wallpaper.
  • Updated the Remix OS boot up animation.
  • Added “Power is low” warnings.
  • Improved the video display quality.
  • Now supports more H265 video formats.
  • Now supports more ethernet cards.
  • Now supports more Realtek / Broadcom / MediaTek WiFi cards.
  • Pre-installed Chrome and Chrome Switcher that allows users to stay on desktop mode.
  • Bugs Fixes:
  • Improved app compatibility.
  • Fixed the Y! Mail bug where emails couldn’t be sent out.
  • Enabled scrolling and right-click on some trackpads.
  • Improved WiFi instability.
  • Fixed the problem screen record on Remix OS.
  • Fixed the disappearance of the task bar.
  • Now supports more Nvidia Graphic Cards and improved their stability.
  • Improved the thermal monitoring system to avoid overheating.
  • Fixed the slowing down of the system when mounting hard disks.
  • Fixed time inacurrancy on Windows when users switch back from Remix OS.

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